No-Code SaaS Apps

Wavity’s platform offers tools that can be used to build new SaaS apps or convert your homegrown apps to SaaS. The video below depicts how you can convert existing homegrown apps to SaaS apps with zero coding. Wavity provides free Communications and Collaboration tools so that the apps can be extended to work with people within and outside your organization to help you work better, your way! The true value of these apps is that as your business changes, the apps can be tailored to fit the new process with no technical resources needed.



The biggest benefit to converting your homegrown apps to SaaS apps on the Wavity platform is that you now have setup your organization to be a nimble organization ready to take on Digital Transformation and other changes to your business.

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Reduce maintenance Costs

SaaS apps easily maintained with drag-and-drop tools by non-technical users

Mobility in a flash

Converted apps are instantly available for use on any Mobile device

No Technical resources needed

Business Analysts modify apps as business changes with zero coding

Respond to Business Changes

Virtually no lag in how soon you can be ready to support business needs

Built to Serve any Firm

Existing productivity solutions are either too restrictive or too complex. Wavity was designed to offer the perfect balance of adaptability and simplicity, with tools that can be tailored to the needs of your organization.

A Rich, Cloud-Based Intranet

Collect and update your organizational knowledge in a single place, so every member of your team stays on the same page.
Wavity’s cloud-based intranet tools are easy to set up, and even easier to maintain.

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